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HBM Group offers a low-cost professional association management service that focuses on the specific needs of your industry association and members. The Associations listed below are just a brief snapshot of our current clients and the particular services we provide.

Ash Development Association of Australia

ADAAThrough the recognition of the potential end use benefits associated with the reuse of coal combustion products, Australian producers and marketers of coal ash formed the Ash Development Association of Australia (ADAA) in 1990. HBM Group was contracted to create appropriate governance structures, to initiate, analyse and disseminate fundamental R&D, undertake government advocacy as well as undertaking general administrative activities.

The Association has and continues to deliver on their objective of investigating and developing market opportunities for the use of these materials in various industry applications, particularly through increased awareness of the sustainable ecological benefits from increased usage.

The ADAA utilises our full range of services offered in our Comprehensive Professional Package.

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Australasian (Iron & Steel) Slag Association

ASA logoIn 1990, various members representing producers, processors, marketers, customers and suppliers founded the Australasian (iron & steel) Slag Association (ASA). This association was formed through the facilitation of services by HBM Group, adopting a similar model to that used by the National Slag Association of the USA. With a recognised complex operating environment in Australia for slag products, strategic planning and governance advice were then used to create a unique operating model and governance structure.

Today, the Association has four major planks which underpin its strategic plan with objectives for Membership, Advocacy, Education and Technical.

Through research and facilitation of information exchange activities between relevant stakeholders, government and the community, the Association continues to increase the recognition and understanding of the beneficial use of iron and steel slags.

The ASA utilises our full range of services offered in our Comprehensive Professional Package.

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Concrete Pumping Association of Australia

The CPAA is the national body representing the interests of the concrete pumping industry within Australia.  The CPAA seeks to provide a strong, unified and respected voice for the concrete pumping industry across Australia whilst working to improve the professionalism, safety, standards and performance of the industry it represents.

HBM Group has been involved in the growth of the Association since 2014 and in that time the Association has increased its member profile, CRM database by 800% and created new marketing communication channels such as monthly newsletters, social media pages, an industry focused magazine and much more. For more information, please see:

Steel Stewardship Council

The most recent Association to the HBM Group portfolio is the Steel Stewardship Council. Launched in 2016, the SSC has been set up to promote sustainability in the steel value chain by developing a multi-stakeholder environmental, social and governance performance standard that is tailored to the steel industry.

Such initiatives have already been established in other parts of the materials sector such as timber, cement and aluminium. The SSC believes that society at large and all those involved in bringing steel products to market would benefit from a globally applicable, steel-specific performance standard that covers a comprehensive array of sustainability issues.

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Amorphous Silica Association of Australia

ASIAA logoThe Amorphous Silica Association of Australia (ASiAA) was formed in 2006 to provide formal representation and a voice for producers, processors, marketers and users that were comparative to other industry segments within the construction industry.

The primary activities of the ASiAA's charter are to increase the community, business and government awareness of the superior construction properties and value added benefits which are derived from the use of Amorphous Silica products in construction. HBM Group sought to assist in establishing the Association and its governance structures as well as facilitating member meetings.

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World Wide Coal Combustion Products Network 

The WWCCPN is the result of on-going international collaboration to promote, coordinate and inform the public, industry and governmental entities about the beneficial environmental, technical and commercial uses of coal combustion products (CCPs). Members of the network have been consulting with each other for several years to identify common problems and more effectively communicate the results of their continuing research and implementation of new beneficial CCP applications.

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World of Iron and Steel Slag Network

The World of Iron & Steel Slag Network (WoISS) aims to advance the international management and use of metallurgical slags in ways that are technically sound, economically beneficial and in an environmentally responsible manner. Participating members include national Associations who have a mutual interest in the exchange of information concerning the management of metallurgical slags.

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