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Facilitating Cooperation & Consensus Within Associations.

Our vision is to develop long-term, mutually sustainable relationships through beneficial outcomes. Providing association clients with services via the implementation of a range of activities tailored to your association's specific needs, requirements and budgets.

HBM Group offers a low-cost professional association management service that focuses on the specific needs of your industry association and members.

So what is an 'Industry Association'?

Also known as an Industry Trade Group, Business Association or Sector Association, these organisations are founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry. An Industry Association typically participates in the provision of technical advice/assistance, can conduct research and development of common interest to members, undertake public relations activities, provide education, engage in advocacy on behalf of the industry and publish material. A major focus of Industry Association activities will be in finding consensus between member companies on issues relevant to members. E.g. representation for standardisation.

Established in 1996, HBM Group offers specialised association management services to small and mid-sized not-for-profit associations. Our association management model offers highly effective and efficient operations in a reduced cost environment to support a range of services including time-sensitive projects and high-level executive initiatives

Our company has over 20 years experience in a large number of industrial sectors including:

Industry Sectors

Today's business operating environment has become increasingly complex with industry associations requiring a complex range of skills and services. These include expertise in:

  • government engagement and policy development capabilities
  • education programs
  • research and development
  • financial control, and
  • information support services
  • all of which are required to ensure membership engagement and retention.

The services that we offer are of exceptional quality, whether managing a myriad of day-to-day operational details, undertaking strategic planning that incorporates the unique nature of associations or embarking on a major campaign to engage with government to inform policy decisions.

Regardless of the scale of your association and the depth of assistance you require, our full complement of professional association management services are delivered with professional standards in order to suit your specific needs.

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