Contract Secretariat Services
for Industry Associates'

Industry Development

DevelopmentHBM Group provides the full scope of communication and marketing services for elevating your profile. We understand the importance of building awareness and understanding of the issues that matter to your members, stakeholders and business prospects.

One particular speciality in this field is our ability to produce professional member publications and information circulars including newsletters, magazines, technical notes and manuals.

DevelopmentHBM Group has demonstrated strong capability in the area of government and stakeholder advocacy. Our business can provide Federal and State government representation and engagement to those associations who require a voice amongst key decision makers. We understand the nature of complex government structures and the processes which determine priorities amongst competing groups.

Additionally, monitoring and reporting on relevant policies will be undertaken to ensure that your association is kept up-to-date and ready to mobilise support at the appropriate time. All of these actions seek to ensure that your association performance goals are met and often surpassed.